Catherine, owner of Design Rescue L.A., approached me with a challenge that’s pretty common: although she’d been in business for awhile, Design Rescue L.A. had no online presence. While she felt her company could benefit from one, she wasn’t sure how a website would fit with her existing business plan – or even what a site needed to be to help Design Rescue L.A. become more successful.

I am experienced at assisting small businesses, and was excited to show Catherine how today’s flexible, efficient website technologies could offer Design Rescue L.A. a visually stunning, effective site without a big price tag.
I created a simple, efficient, elegant site centered around the following project goals:

Stunning Visuals. Design Rescue L.A.’s work is all about visual appeal – transforming a living space into something that looks spectacular. A successful website convey this on every page, with the gallery of work serving as the most important page. This is what potential clients want to see. High-quality, beautiful photography offers visitors high-impact visuals that convey what hiring Design Rescue can do for them.

Modular and flexible. Today’s solutions offer small businesses something they’ve never had before: the ability to easily update and maintain their sites. Although a small project, isn’t made to be static and unchanging. A simple, intuitive back-end system allows the company to make quick, easy changes at any time. Whether they’re updating their portfolio to add a recently completed project or making some simple alterations to the text, this site allows Design Rescue to maintain their site internally as a cost-effective solution that offers small business easy access and control over their web presence.

The final site was one of my smaller projects, but it demonstrates the impact that modern technology can have for a small business earns it a place in our spotlighted work. Upon launch, Design Rescue L.A. had something they’d never had before – an online tool that could show their work off to potential clients and help them grow their business.