In 2010 Diageo approached the CommonGround Creative time that I was a part of and asked us to develop an iPhone app for their property ‘’.  They had little concept of what an app could do for them, they just knew they had to have one.  The team and I sat down and came up with a number of ideas, but eventually pitched the concept of a recipe finder that would use a fun yet sophisticated interface.  Diego loved the concept and hired us to build out the design.

I managed the design team and produced graphic elements for the final product.  We produced, over 800 unique images for the recipes, hundreds of interface elements, and a demo video to show how the app would work.

The app launched in early 2011 and was listed in’s article “Top 10 Classy Cocktail Apps for Your iPhone”.  Mashable called it a ‘slick corporate effort with good-loping graphics’.  Diego has since replaced the app with an app for more modern phones, but this design still informs many drink recipe apps available today.